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Icons for Solaris/Unix/Linux Gnome/KDE X Windows Applications

These .png (Portable Network Graphics format) icons are for some useful Solaris/Unix/Linux dt* CDE or X Windows applications running Gnome or KDE. Most have transparent backgrounds and are either 48x48 or 32x32. These icons are in addition to Gnome icons at /usr/share/pixmaps/. For your convenience I have built archives all the icons here: xicons.tar.gz and

acrobat.png iconacrobat.png,   bsdunix.png iconbsdunix.png,   bugtraq.png iconbugtraq.png,   compass.png iconcompass.png,   date.png icondate.png,   dtapplications.png icondtapplications.png,   dtcm.png icondtcm.png,   dtfile.png icondtfile.png,   dtmail.png icondtmail.png,   dtpad.png icondtpad.png,   dtterm.png icondtterm.png,   editor.png iconeditor.png,   galaxy.png icongalaxy.png,   gimp.png icongimp.png,   gnome.png icongnome.png,   internetexplorer.png iconinternetexplorer.png java_duke.png iconjava_duke.png,   java_logo.png iconjava_logo.png,   java_studio.png iconjava_studio.png,   java_workshop.png iconjava_workshop.png,   kde.png iconkde.png,   kerberos.png iconkerberos.png,   ladybug.png iconladybug.png,   linux_penguin.png iconlinux_penguin.png,   lynx.png iconlynx.png,   mozilla.png iconmozilla.png,   mozilla_gecko.png iconmozilla_gecko.png,   nametool.png iconnametool.png,   ntp.png iconntp.png,   netscape_chat.png iconnetscape_chat.png,   netscape_classic.png iconnetscape_classic.png,   netscape_composer.png iconnetscape_composer.png,   netscape_history.png iconnetscape_history.png,   netscape_mail.png iconnetscape_mail.png,   netscape_meeting.png iconnetscape_meeting.png,   netscape_n.png iconnetscape_n.png,   netscape_satellite.png iconnetscape_satellite.png,   netscape_wheel.png iconnetscape_wheel.png,   opera.png iconopera.png,   printer.png iconprinter.png,   process.png iconprocess.png,   realplayer.png iconrealplayer.png,   roach.png iconroach.png,   rolo.png iconrolo.png,   rtitool.png iconrtitool.png,   showmetv.png iconshowmetv.png,   sdtimage.png iconsdtimage.png,   star.png iconstar.png,   staroffice.png iconstaroffice.png,   star_drawing.png iconstar_drawing.png,   star_presentation.png iconstar_presentation.png,   star_spreadsheet.png iconstar_spreadsheet.png,   star_text.png iconstar_text.png,   sunbug.png iconsunbug.png,   sunforum.png iconsunforum.png,   teamware.png iconteamware.png,   vpn_cisco.png iconvpn_cisco.png,   vim.png iconvim.png,   web.png iconweb.png,   wordperfect.png iconwordperfect.png,   xemacs.png iconxemacs.png,   vnc.png iconvnc.png,   xchat.png iconxchat.png,   xv.png iconxv.png,  

MS Windows Icons for Solaris/Unix/Linux Gnome/KDE X Windows Applications

MS Windows .ico Icons These icons are for some useful Solaris/Linux/Unix dt* applications for use on MS windows (usually when executed remotely with X Windows). All are in standard 32x32 16-color format.

Note: Some ancient browsers (Netscape 4.x) cannot view these files, but you can still download them by right clicking on them and may be able to view them, if you have a helper application configured, by clicking on each icon.

bugtraq.ico iconbugtraq.ico,   date.ico icondate.ico,   dtfm.ico icondtfm.ico,   dtmail.ico icondtmail.ico,   dtpad.ico icondtpad.ico,   editor.ico iconeditor.ico,   mozilla.ico iconmozilla.ico,   nametool.ico iconnametool.ico,   printer.ico iconprinter.ico,   process.ico iconprocess.ico,   rtitool.ico iconrtitool.ico,   sdtadmintool.ico iconsdtadmintool.ico,   sdtearth.ico iconsdtearth.ico,   sdtimage.ico iconsdtimage.ico,   staroffice.ico iconstaroffice.ico,   sunbug.ico iconsunbug.ico,   teamware.ico iconteamware.ico,   vpn_cisco.ico iconvpn_cisco.ico,   vim.ico iconvim.ico,   web.ico iconweb.ico,  


Last updated 1 July 2011.